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Protect your balconies and terraces in four seasons with folding profiles


Closing the balconies and terraces with the new folding profiles system does not break the architecture of building.


Vertical Blinds for your home


Venetian blinds as always fit in any window of your house.


The new Zebra Blinds model gives beauty and freshness to your houses.

The most widespread Blinds in the world

Venetian blinds with a large number of colors and designs that will suit your taste.
Very practical and easy to use. In addition to this direct influence in the decor of the room or your facility.


If you wish that your home be fresh and reflect style then choose roller shutters and qualitative and beautiful blinds in Roleta Megaplast. The quality of our prodcuts is unique and proven, and it is our guarantee for your satisfaction.
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Quality guaranteed

Our commitment to ensure customer satisfaction while offering quality prodcuts which is an essential part of our business.

Professional staff

Professional staff engaged in our company are a strong pillar for the development and at the same time they present a guarantee for the success of our business.

Modern technology

Our prodcuts are manufactured under high working conditions with quality machines of the latest technology.


  • Venetian Blinds

    One of the most widespread types of Blinds in the world, with a large number of colors and designs appealing to your taste. They provide effective shade from Suns rays during summer and so they regulate the natural lighting as per your desire.
  • Roller shutters

    These particular roller shutters are of a high quality and are utilised in form of protection from high outside temperatures and good protection from snow and frost. They don't reflect light and the chance of breaking in is zero.
  • Vertical Blinds

    Are adequate choice for high windows. Very practical and easy to use. In addition, it directly impacts the decor of the room or in your facility.
  • Roler Blinds

    Are quite practical blinds that offer you protection from excessive light during the day and also provide privacy in your room and home. Different colors and designs enable you to choose accordingly to your taste.
  • Folding Doors

    PVC Folding Doors in different dimensions and colors.
  • Folding Profiles

    We bring new products for your homes, apartments and your premises. With the new system of Glass Profiles to close up your Balconies and extended Terraces while preserving the architecture of the building and provides you protection and comfort along the four seasons.

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